I. list list 1 [lɪst] noun [countable]
a set of items such as figures, names etc that belong to a particular group, written down one after the other:

• detailed lists of proposed prices

— see also blacklist, checklist
ˈfocus list
FINANCE a list of companies whose shares an investment firm believes investors should buy:

• Goldman Sachs removed the company from the its focus list.

ˈhit list
informal a list of organizations, people etc against which someone is planning to take action:

• Most companies, even small ones, have middle managers on their hit lists.

• Alcohol and tobacco are at the top of the tax hit list.

ˈmailing list MARKETING
a large collection of customers' names and addresses, used by companies to send products, advertisements etc to each one:

• Please add me to your mailing list for all future events.

• the new electronic mailing list

ˈshopping list
1. a list of things that you want to buy when you go to a shop:

• She is careful to stick to a shopping list so she doesn't overspend.

2. a list of things that a person or organization wants or thinks are necessary:

• His proposal presents a long shopping list of tax cuts.

ˈwatch list FINANCE
a list of investments that are being watched very closely, for example because people think their price may be about to change, or because they think they are being traded dishonestly:

• The market is drawing up its own watch list of troubled companies.

  [m0] II. list list 2 verb
1. [transitive] to put items such as figures, names etc together in a group:

• The names and addresses of these bureaux are listed in Appendix I.

— see also blacklist
2. [transitive] FINANCE to make stocks and shares officially available on a stockmarket:

• It plans to list 29% of its stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

3. [intransitive, transitive] if something is listed at a particular amount or lists for a particular amount, that is the price asked for it:

• The house had been listed at just under $4 million.

• The basic model lists for $28,045.

* * *

list UK US /lɪst/ noun [C]
a record of short pieces of information, such as people's names, usually written or printed with a single thing on each line and often ordered in a way that makes a particular thing easy to find: »

a list of possible candidates for the job


I've made a list of this week's orders.

on a list »

Is your name on the list?


New office furniture is not high on our list of priorities.

See also A-LIST(Cf. A-list), DAILY OFFICIAL LIST(Cf. ↑Daily Official List), FOCUS LIST(Cf. ↑focus list), HIT LIST(Cf. ↑hit list), LAUNDRY LIST(Cf. ↑laundry list), LEGAL LIST(Cf. ↑legal list), LLOYD'S LIST(Cf. ↑Lloyd's List), MAILING LIST(Cf. ↑mailing list), PRICE LIST(Cf. ↑price list), SHOPPING LIST(Cf. ↑shopping list), WATCH LIST(Cf. ↑watch list), WISH LIST(Cf. ↑wish list)
list UK US /lɪst/ verb
[T] to make a list, or to include something in a list: »

I've listed some useful reading material on the handout.

[I or T] STOCK MARKET to make a company's shares available on a particular stock market: list sth on/in sth »

Eight new companies were listed on the Lahore stock exchange.


A growing number of Latin American companies have their shares listed in the US.


Many have decided not to list in New York, mainly because of the high cost of regulatory compliance there.

Compare QUOTE(Cf. ↑quote) verb
[I or T] US COMMERCE when something lists, or is listed, at a particular price, it is for sale at that price: list (sth) at/for sth »

The property in W 4th Street has just been listed at over $2 million.

See also CROSS-LIST(Cf. ↑cross-list)

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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